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e 25 tank

T29 in the game World of tanks is the American heavy tank of Tier 7, and just like all the other tanks wot t29 has weak spots. The advantages of this tank are its quite powerful gun, strong armor of the front of the tower and the vertical aiming that allows you to shoot over the hills. The main t29 weak spots are the bad armor of the body of the tank and its low mobility of movement. However, with all the advantages this tank has not gained much popularity due to the pronounced deficiencies of the armor.


Fragile hull armor that can be easily broken even by a frontal shot is the most important t29 weak spot. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the enemy has no opportunity of a shot into the frontal part of the hull. Experienced players use the t29 to support the team, and for its greater safety they hide this tank in various secluded places of the map.


Among wot t29 weak spots we can also mention the weak armor of the side of the tank, its stern, which can be easily broken by blows of enemy tanks. This tank is vulnerable to artillery fire.


In addition, it is worth noting that easy to break commander’s tower is also the t29 weak spot. Keep that in mind while playing this tank and protect the commander of the death.