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wot is3

Wot is3 is a heavy tank of the Soviet Union army. This is the tank of the eighth level, which is designed to attack and assault. In Wot is3 has a solid armor, gather a great speed and has a powerful weapon which unfortunately is not accurate enough due to the poor review and lack of tilt the gun down.

Tank is-3 in wot is a precursor to the heavy tank T-10.


Is 3 in wot is used to break defense, support team to the near and far distance, flank attacks and base defense.

The armor of is-3 in world of tanks protects against weapons such as D-25, but can be broken by the long-barreled 105-mm guns. The body of the tank is weaker armored than the turret. The top of the tower protects the tank from the guns of the Royal tiger etc. tanks. Flanges of the is-3 are able to absorb the shells of almost all guns.


Tank is3 is long, but has a low silhouette, due to which the tank can be easily disguised. In addition, the excellent maneuverability of this model, allows the tank to leave from a pursuit.


The tank is 3 in wot can inflicts strong damage to the enemy.

This tank has standard equipment; its ammunition consists of armor-piercing shell. Is-3 is also equipped with a vertical gun control and improved ventilation.