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wot is-7

Wot is-7 is a heavy tank, which can be purchased for gold 189 200. This is an elite tank that does not need to be pumped. Is-7 is the most versatile tank in the game wot.


Wot is7 is equipped with a relatively low accuracy gun, which deals good damage of per minute fire. The tank has excellent armor and almost invulnerable turret. Wot is7 develops great maximum speed of 60 km per hour and is a dynamic tank.


In Wot is-7 is a versatile tank that can perform almost any task on the battlefield, but most often it is used to break through, or deter the enemy forces. It is best to use this tank for mid and close range. Thanks to the excellent dynamics of the tank it is responsive to changes of the battle and is able to occupy a favorable position quick enough.


An important feature of the is-7 is the presence of «pike nose», which is easy to break in the rhombus position, so try to be in a frontal position relative to the enemy.

In wot is7 almost doesn’t afraid of artillery, so it is the best tank for the first line of attack.

Iosif Stalin - 7

Among the disadvantages of the is-7 in wot the low accuracy of the weapon, long gun pointing and low damage can be identified. However, despite this, is-7 is the most popular tank in the game world of tanks. This heavy tank is not easy to manage as it requires constant monitoring its armor.