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t49 tank destroyer

T49 tank destroyer is a light American tank of Tier 8. This is an unusual tank, which was called the destroyer through the 152-mm gun, which causes the enemy great damage. There are 2 variants of the equipment of this tank – it can can be equipped with a 152-mm and 90-mm gun.


T49 tank destroyer, like all the tanks in world of tanks has its positive and negative sides. This is a very fast and maneuverable tank. The gun of the tank has excellent vertical pickup angle that allows you to make accurate shots from almost any position. And 152-mm gun deals tremendous damage to enemies, while the 90-mm gun has an excellent stabilization.


Among the shortcomings of t49 tank destroyer we can mention a low accuracy and stabilization of the 152-mm gun, long reloading, weak armor and large size. The low precision and stabilization are the

You need to learn how to play T49 properly, so it can bring your team a favor. This means going through at least 50 battles. You must play the t49 tank destroyer in the immediate vicinity of the enemy and to choose the best moment for applying the devastating shoot. And then you will get pleasure from inflicted by a single shoot damage which is equal to 900 units.


T49 tank destroyer is not a simple tank for playing, but it may be very useful for getting the victory.