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su 100 wot

su 100

Su 100 in wot is a powerful Soviet tank of level 6, which has excellent characteristics for different style of play. In wot su 100 is equipped with a powerful 100mm gun that deals powerful damage to the enemy per shot. And the rate of fire of this weapon is 9 rounds per minute. This weapon is able to inflict devastating blows on the heavy tanks of the 7th level. However, its disadvantage is the low accuracy and low reload speed. That is why experienced players recommend to use su 100 for destroying heavy and medium tanks that are not moving.

su 100

Su 100 in wot can develop a fairly high speed, about 50 km per hour, while in reverse it moves with a speed of 14 km/h. This is a great speed, thanks to which the tank can be used for active resistance on all flanks of the map. Su 100 in wot is also very good for the defense of the team.

su 100

Thanks to the special design, the tank can be easily disguised and hidden in the bushes. It is a tank with one of the best ratios of camouflage in world of tanks. wot su 100 is better to use as a sniper in ambush for shooting from long range.

Su 100 can be used also as a breakthrough tank, it becomes possible, because of the great angles of the armor and increased frontal armor.

To improve skills of the crew they should learn the camouflage, review, and firepower.