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object 140 tank

Object 140 is a tank of 10th level, which is the Soviet medium tank. This tank has medium size, good gun, excellent maneuverability and is able to gather a great speed. However, it should be noted that the object 140 is equipped with not very strong armor, which makes it quite vulnerable.


In wot object 140 is a great unit, which can be used to perform various tasks during the game. The tank has a large number of advantages that allow it to participate well in fights on all maps of the world of tanks. Object 140 has a gun with an accurate and quick guidance, it performs accurate shots when moving, and the turret is able to turn quickly enough. In addition, this tank runs well on a variety of soils, develops a sufficiently high speed and has low growth, so that can be easily disguised.


As all the tanks in wot object 140 has some drawbacks. This tank is equipped with a weapon that deals low damage to the tanks of the opponent in one shot. In addition, the tank object 140 has a weak armor of the hull, making it quite vulnerable to destructive shots of the powerful tanks of your opponents.

The object 140 tank’s crew consists of 4 members – commander, which is also the radio operator, gunner, driver and a person who charges the gun.


The main objective of this tank is to support the team. It is better not to use this tank for the attacks, because it has weak armor. This tank should be used for medium and long distances, carrying out attacks from the flank. Object 140 is intended for active gaming, it allows you to apply hitting an opponent and quickly escape from persecution.