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maus world of tanks

Maus in world of tanks is a super-heavy German tank. This tank has very durable armor and powerful and precise gun. World of tanks Maus is a very strong opponent on the battlefield. But his weak side is a low speed, that is why all the gunners in the game seek to destroy a German tank maus and earn a lot of points. Usually in world of tanks maus protects the other players by moving forward, and at the same time the tank deals the strikes of destructive power on enemy tanks by shooting them with its accurate and powerful gun. This tank is also good for attacks – maus in world of tanks moves forward and protect weaker team members. However, this tactic should only be used for offensives in the city where due to the different buildings, your team is hard to surround.


Advantages of Maus in world of tanks are a super durable armor, the availability of accurate and powerful weapons, huge weight, and fire resistance.

Among the disadvantages of the tank maus is worth noting its low speed, slow tilting of the tower, and a small angle of its inclination. In addition, it is a very large tank, which is very difficult to hide if needed masking.


Tip: Experienced players suggest to improve the tank with extra ventilation.