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kv-1 weak spots

Soviet Tank of Tier 5 kv-1 has weak spots, which we will discuss in this article. This is the first USSR heavy tank that was almost impossible to destroy in the battle thanks to its strong armor. However, even such a powerful armor of kv1 has weak spots, knowing which you can easily punch through the protection of the tank.


There are a lot of kv1 weak spots on its frontal part, such as window of the driver, headlight and gun mask. All these three spots are placed under the turret, and are a very easy target. Another kv-1 weak spot is the bottom of the tank, as well as the place between the top and bottom armor sheet.


The sides of the tank kv1 also have weak spots, which are located on the turret. The turret has 110 mm of armor, however, and it can be broken. In order to do this, you need to shoot in the area of the star and small cracks to the right of it. To damage the turret of the tank kv-1 you can shoot in its lower part, but rather in the place of its junction with the body.

The front part of the tracks is also the kv-1 weak spot.

To break the stern of the hull you need to shoot at the bottom and the stern itself. But the turret is much harder to break.


Now knowing all kv1 weak spots, this tank is not a great danger on the battlefield for you. Making accurate shots at weak spots of its armor, you can easily bring this enemy out the game.