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wot is-6

In wot is-6 is a premium heavy tank. It’s a Soviet tank of the tier eight. The opinions of players regarding this tank differ, however, in wot is6 almost no one considers to be particularly outstanding. The strength of this tank is 1500 units and is equal to the strength of is-3, but is6 has a lower movement speed (a maximum of 35 km per hour) and speed of rotating the turret. Armor protection of is-6 in wot is weaker than armor of the tank is-4 (object 701), so the tank was never adopted for service in the Soviet army.


In wot is-6 can be purchased for 11800 gold and can be used to earn silver. The main advantage of this tank is the rate of fire. Because of this you can lead a maneuver battle and shoot the sides and rear of the enemy tanks.


In wot is-6’s armor allows you to defend against attacks from light tanks and tanks of the lower level, but the artillery strikes will damage three crew members. In this case, we can only rely on the support of the team.


Experienced players recommend to pay special attention to the weaknesses of the tank, such as driver’s hatch and the turret. Therefore, the tactics of the game on is-6 should be chosen individually, depending on the team, map and player’s experience.


For novice players, wot is-6 is expensive and inefficient tank. But experienced gamers are able to earn up to 20 thousand silver after the battle on is-6.