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With the development of the SU-76I, the Soviet military also decided to create a model by mounting an 85 mm gun on the captured German Pz.Kpfw. III tanks. But only a prototype was developed and the SU-85I never went into mass production and rendered into military service. The СУ-85И had the best guns among the other tier 5 tank destroyers. But one problem with the gun was its accuracy, which was below par than other tanks. Sniping activity cannot be undertaken with the SU-85I and it can only act as a support tank. Its penetration power is huge, as it can easily destroy tanks in the tier 5 and 6 categories. To deal with heavy armored tanks, since the SU-85I is not capable of firing from a long distance, it was recommended to carry some APCR with you always.

With its excellent manoeuvrability and very good camouflage cover, you can use the SU-85I to stay hidden in close ranges and take shots at enemies by surprise and use its great speed to escape easily or go to a hiding place quickly. The crew of the SU-85I consists of a commander, radioman, aimer, driver mechanic and a charging man. With 300 hp and a maximum speed of 50 km/h, it can easily get away from dangerous situations or catch up with escaping enemy tanks quickly.

Some of the best features of the SU-85I include the HP which is the second best in all Tier 5 tank destroyers and excellent camouflage cover and also has a gun mantlet that is huge and heavily armored. The SU-85I also has the best DPM in all of the Tier 5 tank destroyers.