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The SU-85B is a tier-4 tank destroyer in the Soviet Military that was designed in 1943 at the Gorky Automobile Plant and trials were conducted soon after. The SU-85B is a redefined version of the GC-85A with an artillery weapon LB-2 and also comes with a 160hp engine and the chassis of SU-76M. Only one prototype of the SU-85B was released which featured modification in the conning tower, spare parts and the driving wheels.

Even though most of the characteristics of the SU-85B was similar to the SU-76, it had a larger gun than the SU-76 and also had a very big gun arc, when compared to the SU-76. With 160 hp, it is certainly the fastest tank, but one of the improved versions in the speed when compared to other tanks in the tier 4 tank destroyers.

The main idea behind the development of SU-85B is to perform reconnaissance and able to survive in tough conditions. Since it has a top-speed of 43 km/h and a view range of 310 m, it can be used for sniping activities or for a hit and run assault as it can easily get away quickly when compared to other tier 4 tanks. It can be used to destroy lots of low-tier tanks and also with accurate precision and sniping can cause damage to some larger tanks too. Even though it can mount high power guns like the LB-2S and the D-5S 85A, it all comes at the cost of the vehicle’s armor and speed. It cannot survive large attacks. It is highly recommended to upgrade your guns from the 85B to the 85mm LB-2S.