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The SU-85 is a tier-5 tank destroyer that is developed based on the T-34 medium and the SU-122 gun. It was first developed in 1943 with a covered top which ensured greater survivability than other tanks in the same tier. Equipped with an 85 mm D5S gun, it provided greater support in attacking enemy tanks more effectively and also from a distance of more than 1000 meters.

A hit from the SU-85 from a short distance can destroy the front armor of larger tanks too.
Even though it was advanced in some features when compared to its predecessor SU-85, it was still weak in its armor and hence it has to be in stealth mode most of the time to prevent from getting hit. Direct confrontation with other tanks is not an option for the SU-85, because of its weak armor as it can get damaged and destroyed easily. One of the best choices of gun for the SU-85 is the 85mm DrS-85BM for its accuracy, clean penetration and also for causing heavy damage to the enemy tanks. At close ranges, the 122mm M-30S is the best option as it can be more devastating with its HEAT ammunition.

Even though it has low survivability, the excellent camouflage feature helps the SU-85 to stay hidden even in short ranges. But to engage with the enemy, the SU-85 cannot fight it alone and needs the support of other tanks. One other notable feature of the SU-85 is its great speed, which can be of immense help in getting out from dangerous encounters and get into a safe haven, when compared to other tanks in the same tier.