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SU 76

The SU-76 is a tier-3 tank destroyers in the soviet military. The SU-76 is a light vehicle with a weak armor and armament and was mainly used by the army to assist with the infantry and cavalry. It is equipped with a 76 mm gun and hence the name SU-76.

SU-76 was built in 1942 in the city of Kirov by the under the direct supervision of Semon Aleksandrovich Ginzburg, who played a major role in the development of self-propelled tanks. Initially it had several shortcomings including a failed powerplant that made driving the tank very difficult and caused several torsional vibrations. The fully armored feature of the tank also caused it difficult for the crew to work inside the fighting compartment. Even though it was released in the autumn of 1942, these shortcomings came to notice only when they were put into combat use. This made the tank to be sent back for revision and the production of SU-76 was stopped. But since the Red army wanted these self-propelled artillery, some modifications were made to the SU-76 and was redesigned by removing the parallel power plant and also the overall layout of the tank was also changed, which led to the development of СУ-76M.

The original idea of the design of SU-76 was to provide fire support to the infantry and also act as a tank destroyer. Hence, with the mass production of SU-76 it soon began replacing a lot of light tanks. Even though there were a lot of controversies on the usefulness of SU-76, soldiers liked the SU-76 for its fire-power as it was stronger than T-70.