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SU-152 is a powerful and dangerous machine on the battlefield. Basically the SU-152 is a heavy self-propelled artillery tank that is equipped with clever tactics and combat power. It is built on the basis of SW 1c tank and comes with a 152mm howitzer gun ML-20c. In its combat category, the SU-152 was one of the heavy assault machines. During the development of the SU-152 in 1943, these machines received an official designation of KV-14 (object 236). After passing prototypes and cleared for warfare in the February 1943, it was inducted into war. And only in April 14, it was renamed to SU-152 from HF. A total of around 670 machines were produced during that time. These SU-152 entered into the battlefield on 1943 in the Battle of Kursk and instantly proved to be handy to ward off attacks from heavy German tanks and self-propelled guns. It was also called as “St. John’s wort” for successfully resisting Tiger 1 and Panther tanks from the German army.

The SU-152 were heavily used in the field during 1943-1944 and their numbers slowly began to reduce from the battlefield because of the heavy losses and the chassis of the SU-152 wearing down too easily. The SU-152 were replaced by ISU-152 tanks. It was commonly believed that the SU-152 was primarily developed as a response to the heavy Tiger tanks of the German army. But it was later verified that even before the Tiger tanks entered the battlefields, the SU-152 were widely advertised in leaflets, films and documentaries to improve the morale of the troops.