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The SU-122-54 is one of the soviet military ninth level tank destroyers. It is equipped with an excellent armament and very good manoeuvrability but has a very weak armor. It was basically created based on the medium tank unit T54/55 during 1948-51.

Self-propelled artillery SU -122-54 was created on the basis of a medium tank T-54/55 in the 1948-1951 years. Intended primarily for the role of the assault gun and tank destroyer. Large-scale production of the SU-122 was planned, but since 1957, its release has been terminated due to the reorientation of the military industry to create a missile. ACS SU-122-54 was used by the Soviet army until the second half of the 1960s, when they were retired. Total of 77 self-propelled guns SU-122-54 was issued.

These tanks should be used only as assists for allied tank by protecting them and also shelter them by taking out enemies from a long range. The main advantage of the SU-122-54 is its powerful tool with an 122 mm gun D-49 that is built by modifying the D-25T and also equipped with 10 ZBK shells. The frontal armor in these tanks are the best when compared to other tanks in this level. It is also recommended to hide the tanks in holes only to allow the gun to be visible and thus evading from enemy attacks and even if shells hit it, there is very large chance of it rebounding from the tower.Even though it was designed based on the T-54, it not only took all the strengths of the T-54, but the same weakness with T-54 is still carried over to the SU-122-54.