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The SU-101 is an eighth level soviet tank destroyer that features very good dynamics and high accuracy. The main disadvantage of the SU-101 is its weak armor and vertical lay in uncomfortable angles. The SU-101 is a successor to SU-100M1 that was equipped with a good tool and can perform higher level fights. It was developed in the autumn of 1944 by combining the design and features of both T-44 and T-34-85. It was mainly designed to the replace the СУ-100 self-propelled guns. Even though these tanks boasted excellent and powerful guns along with various superior characteristics, these were never used in the battlefield, as it was almost the end of the war and deploying new machinery into the battlefield at that period was not advisable and hence the production of SU-101 and SU-102 were stopped. But the experience gained during the development of SU-101 and some other design aspects were used during the post-war projects by the ACS.

Battling with the SU-101 on the field involves thinking way ahead of the enemies and also do some tricks to confuse the enemies by dancing or moving to the right and left and changing your angles at times and not showing your front portion always to the enemy. With low visibility and very good view range, the СУ-101 can perform the role of a sniper behind the safety of the bush, despite of the fact that the SU-101 can be more powerful with the support of its allies.