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The SU-100Y is premium sixth level tank destroyer in the Soviet Army that features a powerful gun and great mobility but has a very weak armor and very large in size. It is also one of the experimental self-propelled artillery model that is developed based on the T-100 unit. It was originally designed to assist military engineering activities like laying bridges, transporting sappers and to evacuate damaged tanks.

It was released to warfare in 1940 and utilized during 1941-42 Battle of Moscow. With a very high accuracy, it can target enemy tanks from a long distance and require just a 1 or 2 shots to destroy enemy tanks. Even though it has very good accuracy and a powerful gun, it sports a huge size that lets enemies to spot these tanks easily. Also, the SU-100Y has a very weak armor and a slow recharge ability, it makes the SU-100Y vulnerable to shell attacks and get damaged easily. But the SU-100Y can evade enemy tanks with the help of its very good mobility and quickly escape from the danger zone and reach a safe place.


It also needs extreme caution and patience to work with these tanks as you need to wait for the right opportunity to engage with enemy tanks and then escape from the danger zone quickly. It is not recommended for the SU-100Y to engage with a direct melee with the enemy tanks, as it cannot withstand shells and could break quickly. But in situations where close combat is necessary or unavoidable, you can make use of the huge battering ram that weights around 65 tons to cause some serious damage to the enemy tanks.