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The SU-100М1 is the Tier 7 tank destroyer in the soviet military that features great accuracy and equipped with a quick-firing gun to destroy enemy tanks easily. But the main disadvantage of the SU-100М1 is its low armor and low viewing arc. It is equipped with excellent manoeuvrability and hence can be very dynamic on the battlefield and could change its position often to evade from enemy shells. With greater speed, it can quickly relocate itself to the side or stern of the enemy tanks and with fast recharge abilities, it can easily dismantle enemy tanks quickly.
Even though the accuracy is high, but with low armor you cannot fight the enemies from a longer distance and hence the SU-100М1 needs to be present in the middle distance or near the enemies to make a good assault. The main aim of the development of SU-100М1 is to push flank and defense and then attack unsuspecting enemies quickly.

With a low armor, these tanks were never meant to fight the enemies alone, even though it has great speed and a quick-firing gun. Hence, the SU-100М1 were forced to attack under the cover of other allied tanks and never allow other enemy tanks to come to the side or stern of your machine.

Some of the features that makes the SU-100М1 a great tank are their high speeds, an accurate and quick firing gun and the ability to turn quickly on the spot. It is also smaller when compared to other tanks in this level and features a small silhouette. It consists mostly of armor-piercing shells.