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The SU-100 is one of the Tier-6 tank destroyers in the Soviet military that combines good speed, great camouflaging capabilities and equipped with powerful arms. The SU-100 can act as either as a very good sniper ambush vehicle or also as an assault weapon attack support tank. It can be really dangerous if used effectively the capabilities of its strong defense and attacking skills. It is also one of the heaviest TDs in its tier and comes equipped with a 122 mm D-2 5C powerful gun that can cause heavy damage to even heavy tanks and can change the course of the battle anytime.

Even though it is extremely powerful and can cause huge damage to even tier 7 tanks by employing clever sniping and shooting skills, caution need to be employed while handling the SU-100 as it the weapons are not so accurate and takes time upto 12 seconds to recharge, hence you are vulnerable to firepower for those time. Even though your gun cause heavy damage, make sure not to use it heavily on lighter tanks, as you can destroy those easily with shorter rounds and try to use your firepower wisely. Hence, you always need to be selective in choosing only medium and heavy tanks and if you are not sure if it’s a medium or heavy tank, then don’t shoot and waste your valuable shells. And if you sight an enemy tank, then wait for the right time to take a shot at and wait until you get a clear shot.
Some of the important features that make the SU-100 a powerful and dangerous machine are low visibility, good mobility and a very strong gun mask.