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Object 704

Object 704 is known as the king of all tank destroyers as it has extensive firepower that is far greater when compared to other tanks and also has a high level of masking. The frontal armor in Object 704 can be divided into mask and armor plates. With a 320 mm armor mask and 187 mm bronelista, Object 704 cannot be damaged by any armor piercing shells. Enemy projectiles hitting Object 704 will also bounce at high frequency, thanks to the help of the inclination armor at large angles.

The only threat to Object 704 is the light and high-medium tanks. When in close combat with the Object 704, it can quickly twist and turn to avoid being hit by enemy shells. The Object 704 also can go to the side or stern of the enemy vehicles and not allowing them to easily turn or manoeuvre their machine easily.

The Object 704 is basically a medium ambush tank that can stay far from the enemies and yet unleash great damage to their enemies with its long range fire power system. It is not advisable to go one on one or a direct battle with enemy tanks or get caught in corners or take fire from very close range. The best option with the Объект 704 is to camouflage and hide behind bushes and wait for the enemy tanks to come in their range and then hit them hard and quickly run away from the danger zone.

The best gear for the Object 704 are rammers and GLDs (gun laying drives) are a must and optics are optional. For protection it has very good side toughness and better HP.