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Object 268

The Object 268 is a tenth level anti-ACS tank in the soviet military. It is equipped with an excellent and powerful too and has great mobility. The soviet military started building the Object 268 as part of the process of developing heavy anti-tank self-propelled guns. It was built in the design factory in the factory number 172. The design documentation was developed and approved and by August 1954 a prototype of the Object 268 was produced. And once the mass production of the Object 268 started, the battle tanks of the British army “Chieftain” and American M60 tanks also were produced similarly. But since the Object 268 could not stand up against those heavy tanks the production was stopped completely in order to build a tank to overcome those enemy tanks.

The Object 268 comes with a welded body armor and the backsheet was removable for mounting the armor and even the fighting compartment was fully armored. The 14.5 mm machine gun was mounted on the roof of the cabin along with the rangefinder. The primary arms used were the cannon M-64 and was equipped with direct fire sight TS-2A for surveillance and communications. It had a 2 chamber muzzle brake to reduce the coil length of the gun. It was filled with 25 ammunition gun shots. It had a pair of 150 litres capacity external fuel tanks along with three more internal tanks with one tank of 90 ltrs and other two of 185 ltrs capacity.