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Object 263

Object 263 is a tenth level anti-ACS tanks of the Soviet military. It comes equipped with great dynamics, very good frontal armor and a powerful gun with great accuracy. But the main disadvantage of the Object 263 is its open cabun, which makes its more vulnerable to shells from enemy tanks and especially artillery bombs, which can easily destroy the Object 263.

The Object 263 provides extreme flexibility as it can easily take out even level 10 tanks or cause heavy damage and with an excellent frontal armor, even hits from shells doesn’t pose any damage to the tanks. It can get damaged only if the hit was targeted at the open cabin area.

The Object 263 has very good mobility and hence can easily twist and turn from enemy hits or easily get away from the danger zone. With a low silhouette, you can even perform a sniper ambush by waiting behind a bush or in a hole and hit the enemy tanks at the right time with all your fire power.

Some of the features that make Object 263 one of the best anti-ACS guns in the tenth level tanks are its best dynamics, powerful frontal armor and comes with a powerful gun with great accuracy and causing the highest damage per minute.

The Object 263 was built at the Special Design Bureau in Leningrad during 1950-51 under the leadership of VS Starovoytov. The chassis design was taken from T-10 and including components and assemblies from EC-7 and T-10 tank units. It included an ammunition of 14 shots and the gun rate of 1-1.5 rounds per minute, which was the highest damage per minute across all tanks in this level.