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The ISU-152 is a powerful eighth level tank destroyer in the Soviet military that is equipped with a great gun that can inflict huge penetration and cause heavy damage to the enemy tanks. But the main disadvantage with the ISU-152 is its low armor and slow mobility. Equipped with powerful tools, this PT-ACS can assist other allied tanks to attack enemy tanks from a long distance or even from a medium distance. It can ambush the base or even open flanks with the help of its artillery. One thing that is not recommended with the ISU-152 is sniping activities as it does have a low camouflage power and hence waiting for longer hours behind the safety of bush can be dangerous. If your enemy tanks don’t appear soon, then it is always advisable to leave the area quickly. Try to attack the enemies when they are in cooldown mode or wait for the right time to attack by going to the side or stern of the enemy.

The ISU-152 can easily inflict heavy damage on armored targets that may not be possible by your allied tanks or artillery. The ISU-152 is always safe and dangerous only with the support of allied tanks and one should not leave the formation to engage directly with the enemies without the allied support, which can be very dangerous to the ISU-152 and can get damaged easily.

Some of the dangerous opponents for the ISU-152 are the medium tanks and artillery as it could make you spin around to line with their gun’s view and once in line can shoot and could cause huge damage.