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The SU-122-44 is another seventh level premium soviet tank destroyer. It features a powerful gun, extreme mobility and a very good frontal rapid-reservation. Once the SU-100 was adopted to warfare, many questions were raised to increase the fire-power in the self-propelled artillery units. In the existing T-34-85 units the base seemed to provide problems in using the newly developed long-barrelled weapons and the soviet tank designers intended to design tanks with a completely new base to increase performance and include new modern techniques and the result was the creation of SU-122-44. It was developed to improve or remove almost all of the shortcomings on the existing ACS and was built on the basis of T-44, a new medium tank.

The SU-122-44 is equipped with a 122 mm D-25C powerful gun that is capable of producing high damage to the opponents and comes equipped with durable mask guns and also has a high angle of inclination that can save the tank from enemy shells. With greater speed, the SU-122-44 can make rapid advances over the enemy and with the support of other medium and heavy tanks can easily destroy the enemies. With quick turning capabilities and ultimate manoeuvring skills, it can quickly retreat back to safety after making an assault over the enemy.

The crew of the SU-122-44 comprises of a commander who also acts as a wireless operator, aimer, driver mechanic and a charging person. Some of the main features of the SU-122-44 are its greater mobility, thick mask guns, low silhouette and effecting a huge one time damage on enemy tanks and also known for causing the highest damage per minute when compared to other tank destroyers in this level.