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jg pz e 100

jg pz e 100 is a German tank of Tier 10 that causes a great damage to the enemy. This tank can penetrate even the sturdiest protection. jg e100 is built on the basis of the TT of the level 10 and has similar characteristics.


It’s a top tank, equipped with a 170 mm gun, the damage of which can be compared only with the artillery. Due to this destructive power and strong impenetrable armor, the tank jg pz e 100 can be used for both offensive and defensive tactics. However, experienced players pay attention to the fact that it takes quite a long time to reload the gun. So after the shot they recommend to drive off to a safe place to reload the gun.


Thus, the main advantages of the jg pz e 100 in wot are its powerful and accurate gun of a large caliber, high strength and sturdy armor. Among the disadvantages it is worth noting the slowness of its movements and turns; large dimensions, which makes the tank very visible for the enemies, and long reloading time of the weapon.


The crew consists of 6 people and is similar to the previous tank Jagdtiger, due to which the entire crew can be used again.

It is necessary to choose the tactics of the ambush and shots from distance for jg e100. Thanks to the accurate gun you will feel like a sniper playing jg pz e 100 tank.