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The best World of tanks modes, free download

Best mod Wot

Many fans of the game use mods to improve or change some things in the game, such as tanks, environment, etc. The developers of the mobile version also added the possibility to use mods in the game. We have gathered the best wot blitz mods for you, which you can find and download on our website.


For those who are just starting to play the most popular game today – world of tanks, we should explain what is a mod. So, the best wot mods (mod – short for modification) are various modifications, which can change many features of the game. Mods for wot are one or more archived files that are developing by the experienced players and enthusiasts. Using mods, you can change not only the look of the game, but also its functionality. The best mods for wot help you to make the game more comfortable, you can almost collect your personal version of the game taking into account all your individual wishes. Thanks to the best world of tanks mods, you can add scopes with reloading timer, new sounds of gunfire, as well as various voice messages; you can also configure the statistics for the session, as well as extended player statistics. There are also assembly of the best wot mods, which introduce complex changes to the game.

Among the various wot mods there are mods for changing tanks — improvement of scopes, change tank’s appearance, color, skin, etc., as well as mods that alter the surrounding environment in the game. Thanks to the best mods for wot you can greatly improve game performance and if your mobile device does not run the game, now you can easily download it and play on any device. Such mods are the mods that allow you to change the graphic settings of the game.


In addition to the graphical mods, we offer you to download also top wot mods for sound, installing the new buttons, improved scope, adding a map etc. Mini map is one of the most useful mods. These mini maps can display the name of the tanks or players with icons, line-haul, direction of the tank hull, tank speed limits, etc. And such indicators can be displayed for each tank separately. In addition, these mini-maps can remember and show the last location of the enemy tank. Thus, you get great benefits to miscalculation the correct tactics and strategy of warfare. Other mods give you complete information about your enemy and about the angle of sight of your gun. Besides, there are also mods that give the ability to run the game on a mobile device within a few seconds.

How to install the best world of tanks mods

At the root of the game world of tanks there is a “res_mods” folder, where you need to create a new subfolder, named according to the name of the current version of the game. You have to save mods in these folders. The folder “res_mods” is priority when you start the program. Thus, if there are any files, the game loads them, and if not – it will load the standard interface.

If you need to undo the changes, simply delete the contents of that folder.

To download mods, we advise to use only the websites that you can trust. On our website you will find only the best world of tanks mods that have been thoroughly tested by our editors. We guarantee that our mods will not harm your device or game.

On the official website of world of tanks, you can find the forum where players discuss best wot mods and how to install them, also you can find there the discussions on the ability to select only certain features of one or another mod. Thus, you have the option to install only the necessary changes, excluding changing sound, skin, etc.