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blitz pc


What is Blitz PC?

The WarGaming company, which is the developer of the worldwide famous game World of Tanks, has released a new mobile version of this game — World of Tanks Blitz. However, the players liked this new game so much that at their request the company has released not just a mobile version, but also World of tanks blitz for PC.

Now you can play the world of tanks blitz on PC with your friends, because this version also supports team playing – the simultaneous participation of 14 players, 7 people in each team, is allowed.

The name of WOT blitz PC accurately describes the battles that happen in this game. They are fast and very dynamic. Sometimes the battle ends after one precise hit the target! Winning the game is the capture of the enemy base. In addition, you can also win if you destroy all the tanks of the opponent. It is necessary to choose the right tactics and to fight in accordance with the intended purpose. Destroyed enemy tanks will bring you money in the game world of tanks blitz for PC. That is why almost all players use this strategy to win the game.


The game world of Tanks blitz for PC has new maps that are not large in their size, but they are very interesting and exciting to play. That is why the combat in this game lasts only for 7 minutes. But in order to improve your game skills, to practice and to develop the best strategy to win there is a training platform in this version of the game, which is useful for both novice and experienced players.

By the way, there is no artillery in the world of tanks blitz on pc. So you have no fear of unexpected attacks from the air while playing the game. But in addition to the Soviet, American and German tanks, in this version there are also tanks that are in service with the British army.

To make the game more exciting, the developers made the reinforced sections of the tanks highlighted. Now such parts of the tank are highlighted in red, and for the destruction of enemy tanks you should shoot its unilluminated areas. However, you have to remember that the enemy sees your tank highlighted the same, so you should not lose vigilance.

World of tanks blitz pc download is easy to do using the link provided on the website. It will take you to the official website where you can download the original game for free.