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world of tank android

We have great news for all the fans of the most popular game of the 21st century, WOT — now there is a version of world of tanks for android! Now you can play your favorite game on any mobile device – phone or tablet with Android operating system. And this is possible thanks to the new version of the game world of tank blitz app.


In world of tank android, you will find 90 of the most legendary historical tanks. However, unlike computer version here not only the tanks of the Soviet Union, Germany and the USA are presented, but also the tanks of Japan and the UK. Every model of the tank was created on the prototype of the real tank and was an exact copy of it. When created tanks for wot on android original drawings and diagrams, as well as historical records were used.


In addition to the tanks in world of tanks for android you will find stunning graphics, thanks to which the game maps look very realistic. Every player dives into the world of exciting, large-scale, dynamic and very realistic tank battles. The game’s sound effects also contribute to the total immersion during the battles of world war II. Download world of tanks blitz and see all these for yourself!


More than 10 maps and locations of the game display both historic districts — the towns and villages, and the battles on the plains of the mainland, open area. The main focus for the developers when creating this game was its realism. That’s why they did a great job and did everything to ensure that the game was as close to reality as possible. On our website you will find a link for world of tanks blitz free download that will help you to download the game and rate it highly.

World of tank blitz download will allow you to install the game on your mobile device. Now you can become the commander of the tank during the second world war and drive an armored fighting vehicle. In order to gain control of the real monster tank, you must first pass the test of battles with light tanks – among them there are the tanks of four nations — American, Soviet, German and French. In order to win the battle, you need to gain experience, knowledge of tactics and strategy, as well as to pump your tanks. The more battles and experience you have, the more interesting the game is!

blitz tank

Due to the possibility of wot blitz download, you can play world of tanks anytime and everywhere. Install the game on your phone or tablet and enjoy spectacular battles and well-deserved victories.

In the mobile version it is possible to play world of tanks both independently and in a team. It can be also played by 2 teams of 7 players in each. The winner becomes the team that will destroy the tanks of the opponent. This requires teamwork, team spirit, and also the right tactics and strategy of warfare. When you download world of tanks blitz, this will allow you to find new friends all around the world, because this popular game is played by gamers all over the planet. You will be able to communicate with representatives of different countries and continents. Only in this game you can become a member of an international team that overcomes all the difficulties and strive for victory together.


World of tanks blitz download and become a commander of historical tanks, as well as a member of the most exciting battles of the world war 2.