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world of tanks japan

In wot Japanese tanks are represented by two types – light and medium tanks. The peculiarity of these tanks is their not particularly strong armor, and hence a small weight.


World of tanks Japanese tanks are a copy of the American tanks, and therefore have the same strong tower and cause great amounts of damage. In addition, Japanese tanks have a good pointing angle of the gun and are able to develop greater speed of movement.


Wot Japanese tanks of the 5 level have a unique design that distinguishes these tanks among others. They have a large size, fairly accurate gun, average dynamics and weak armor. Because of the thin armor, in the game world of tanks Japanese tanks have not gained much popularity.

The main advantage of the wot Japanese tanks is their gun. This is the exact rapid-fire gun that has drum on level 7. In addition, an important feature of these tanks is the possibility of vertical angles pickup weapons. This allows to fire the enemy from any position, both from lowland and hill.


The crew of World of tanks japan tanks almost does not differ from the tanks of other nationalities. It is useful for them to study the «combat brotherhood», «disguise» and different special skills.

Japanese tanks in wot are best used for active support of the team. Experienced players suggest to place Japanese tanks in the third wave of attack. This will help to keep them safe and at the same time to support the team during the attack.

tank japan

In World of tanks japan is a newcomer, so the tanks of this country are still insufficiently studied by players and don’t have that much experience as the tanks of Germany and the USSR. However, they have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as other tanks. So be sure to test Japanese tanks in the world of tanks.