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wot german

In the game wot German tanks are represented by three lines – light, medium and heavy tanks, there are also anti-tank launchers and artillery.

In wot German anti-tank units have powerful and accurate guns and strong armor. German artillery is also known for its great damage, high accuracy, and the possibility of shots at a far distance.


Light German tanks in wot have excellent frontal armor and are quite dynamic tanks. They are less popular tanks of the initial levels of the game such as Pz.35(t) Pz.And Pz 38 nA.I. The last tank, by the way, is quite fast and accurate and is equipped with a powerful 105 mm gun. In Wot German Luchs is a tank of fourth level and has good passability. But the tanks VK 16.02, Leopard and VK 28.01 are quite heavy, as for light tanks, and can be used for ramming other light tanks.

Medium German tanks in wot are represented by two branches. The first germanbranch starts with tanks of level 6 — VK 30.02 M, which is an excellent representative of the medium German tanks. This tank can be actively played on the first line of the battlefield, and can be a great sniper in ambush. On the 7th and 8th levels there are tanks Pantera and Pantera2. These tanks are not very popular because of their poor mobility and lack of powerful weapons. Next come the tanks E50 and Е50М that have strong armor and cause great damage to the enemy. These tanks can be practically equated to heavy tanks.


The second branch of medium wot German tanks is relatively new and is represented by tanks Pz.Kpfw. III/IV, VK 30.01 D, VK 30.02 D, Indien-Panzer, Leopard PT A and Leopard 1. These are good tanks, dealing good damage to the enemy, but have weak armor.

german tank

Wot German heavy tanks also presented by 2 branches. The first branch ends with the legendary Mouse, which is not so popular now. In this branch there are also tanks Pz. IV H and the VK 30.01 P. On the 7th and 8th levels there are the tanks the Tiger (P), VK 45.02 A, VK 45.02 B.

The second branch starts with the heavy tanks of level 4, and are represented by tanks D. W. 2, VK 30.01 H and VK 36.01 H. On the 7th level you will find the famous Tiger I, the next are a King tiger and E 75. They are the heavy tanks that have good dynamics of movement, strong armor and a powerful accurate gun.