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tiger p tank

Tiger p tank is a heavy tank, which can inflict a heavy damage to enemy tanks on the 7th level of wot. Tiger p is a German tank that was designed in 1941 by F. Porsche, that’s why the tank is called the tiger of Porsche.

Pz (p)

Tank tiger p has a powerful gun, but the main advantage is its durable armor. This is a great tank that has 200mm armor in the frontal part. But its turret has weaker armor, which is much more difficult to protect from enemy attacks.


The gun of this tank is the 8,8 cm KwK 43 L/71. It has high accuracy and rate of fire. However, the damage of this weapon is not strong enough.

Among the drawbacks of tank tiger p it is worth noting its low speed (20 km/h), slow rotation of the turret and weak armor at the bottom of the tank.

Given all the shortcomings of tank tiger p, experienced players don’t recommend to use it for playing on the open maps, because of its slowness it becomes an easy target for artillery. But this tank is perfect for combat in urban areas.


For pumping the tank, it is better to install additional ventilation and also add to the team skill «combat brotherhood». It is very needed at level 10th in wot, when it is necessary to mask the tank.

In general, we can say that tiger p is a great tank for level 7 in world of tanks.