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e 25 tank

e 25 tank in the game wot is a German tank of Tier 7. The main feature of e-25 tank was that its prototype in real life was not released, there were only designs and drawings. e25 tank is a premium tank and therefore does not require pumping.


e25 tank moves perfectly on all maps of the game, it is able to develop a fairly high maximum speed up to 65 km per hour and it is very dynamic. The power of engine is 700 HP, and weight of e-25 is about 29 tons.


The tank is equipped with accurate 75 mm gun, which inflicts damage of 135 strength units on the enemy. The rate of the gun is up to 20 rounds per minute. This is a great accurate and fast shooting gun. Of course such little damage of this weapon is attributed to its shortcomings.

The main drawback of e-25 tank is its weak armor. It is necessary to play this tank very carefully, because its armor cannot withstand even the blows of light tanks.


One more feature of the e25 tank is its low silhouette. This is what makes the tank best for an ambush. Most of the tanks of 7th level, where e-25 tank plays, have a bad review that allows e-25 be unnoticed and strike at the most vulnerable places of the enemy, destroy the tracks of enemy tanks. In such a tactic the high accuracy of the tank gun is also very important.